Auction code: IWAL I'll choose the itunes card. Thanks, I'm new here and you have an awesome site! Thanks to penny burners and pulse auctions for the opportunity to try this site out! Dustin
Dustin BorenOn May 21,2011

i love the ability to bid all that i want with the key. much better than having to purchase bids. I am a fan

dawn1167On April 14,2011

I just wanted to let 'you-all' know how much I enjoy your auction site. I have lost hundreds of dollars "bidding" on other sites without any results. PulseAuction is a much better way to participate in auctions, as well as inexpensive, and I have been successful in winning! Thanks PulseAuction, I will be a regular bidder! user name - Godiva1

Godiva1On January 16,2011

This site Rules! Thanks for a wonderful concept.

EvelynOn April 25,2011

Just a quick note. I got the oven today its perfect !! just the size we wanted!! I have spread the word about you! pay day is coming I hope they register ! I will be buying keys!! Thanks much!”  Steve, (65chevy) Hotsprings, SD

Steve (65chevy)On November 11,2010