Pulse 101 - Training for New Bidders

Pulse 101

After you register

1. Deposit money into your account by choosing how much credit you would like in your account. After you decide how much credit you wish to purchase we will charge that amount to your credit card. The minimum “credit” purchase is $10 however unused, purchased credit can be refunded within 30 days of purchase.

2. Select an item you would like to bid on.

3. Place your bid, when you place your initial bid the amount of the “Entrance Fee” for that auction item will be deducted from your account. This amount is ONLY deducted one time per auction regardless of how many bids you place.

PulseAuction vs Penny Auction sites: unlike penny auction sites you will not find yourself spending a lot of money on “nothing” as we don’t charge per bid fees.

PulseAuction vs Ebay: unlike ebay, after the time reaches the 20 second count down – 20 seconds is added to the clock every time a bid is placed.

(With the exception of “Beat the Clock” auctions) This will continue until no more bids are place. Once no more bids are placed the time clock will run out and the auction will close. Highest bidder is the winner.

This makes the last 20 seconds of each auction very exciting. For those not available for that count down we do offer a feature similar to ebay called our “bid-o-matic”. This feature allows you to set your maximum bid. The bid-o-matic places your bid in your absence. This feature will only bid the item up as high as it has to win. You will find where to "book" your bid-o-matic on the detail page of each auction.

How to Get Started

1.           Register: to register simply click on the register tab on the tool bar. After you complete the registration form, we will send you an email to the email you provide. This email will allow you to activate your account. If you do not receive our email, please check your spam and if is not there please let us know so we can activate your account for you.

2.           Deposit “Auction Entrance Credits” in to Your Account. Even before you buy auction credits, we have deposited a  FREE $1  “Auction Entrance Credit” into your account so you could give us a try. Each auction does require a (patent) auction entrance fee and these fees are generally priced between $1 and $3. The minimum amount of credits you can purchase is $10 worth. If an auction requires $1 to enter, once you bid on that auction - $1 will be deducted from your credit account leaving you $9 in credits. Once you enter the auction you can bid as many times as you would like with no additional fees, unless of course you are the winner.

3.           Pick your item or items and place your bid: This is a very simple however we want to remind you about our bid-o-matic feature. Each auction displays “click here for details” that can be found on the image of each auction item. When you click for details you will also find this is where you set your bid-o-matic. On the right side of the detailed page you simply put your maximum bid in and click book it. That is all it takes to set. We do have win limits and they are as follows 9 per 24hr period, 25 per week, 40 per month. If you are the highest bidder on an auction that has not closed yet, (whether you are high bidder manually or by bid-o-matic) the software will recognize you as the winner until someone bids higher. We usually offer 12 to 14 items per day and they are usually updated between 6 -8 pm the night before the auctions are scheduled to end.

4.           Tell us your Choice: Once you pay for your win, some auction wins do require you to tell us your choice. After you win you will receive a winners confirmation email with a "click here to tell us your choice" link. Just Click on the link and tell us what your choice is. 

5.           Please Note: Auction Wins Must Be Paid WIthin 5 Business Days. This is a Manual Process via My Account / My Auction Wins, From The Navigation Menu.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at admin@pulseauction.com


Advanced tips: 

If you bid in a RESERVE" auction, this is means this item has a secret price that the bid amount must reach or exceed at the time the clock runs out and the auction ends. If this does not happen the auction will be canceled, there will be no winner, and your auction “Entrance Fee” will be RETURNED to your account.


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