Welcome To Our Bid-O-Matic Agent - Used By 99% Of Our Top Winners

All Bid-O-Matic's are set from detail page of each auction.... click on auction image to view auction detail page

Think of the bid-o-matic function as an automatic bidding widget. You can set up this widget to bid on your behalf so you don’t have to wait  in front of your computer if you’re trying to win an auction. You simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to bid, and the Bid-O-Matic widget  will continue to place bids on your behalf until it reaches your maximum bid. If you are the highest bidder before the Bid-O-Matic reaches your maximum bid,  you will win the auction at the price at which the auction ended (in this case, less than your maximum bid).  This is a free widget, and remember – we do not charge per-bid fees, so bid as many times as you’d like!


more detail;

Pulse Auction offers a Bid-O-Matic function that bids on your behalf so that you do not have to remain at your computer for extended periods of time while an auction is ongoing.  If you choose to use the function, you simply enter the maximum amount that you are willing to bid for the particular item on the auction block.  The Bid-O-Matic will continue to place bids on your behalf at regular increments and intervals until it reaches your predetermined maximum amount.  If you and another user or users have predetermined the same maximum amount, the first user upon whose behalf the Bid-O-Matic submits the bid at that amount will win the item, unless a manual bid is entered at a higher amount.  The Bid-O-Matic costs nothing to use; if you are the highest bidder before it reaches your predetermined maximum bid, you will win the auction.  If someone outbids your maximum bid, you will not win the auction, but you will not pay any additional fees (other than the unlock fee you paid to open the auction in the first place).  The Bid-O-Matic does not submit bids throughout an entire auction; rather it begins to function only within the designated reset time for each auction.  Thus, if the reset time for a given auction is 15 seconds, then the Bid-O-Matic will submit its first bid on behalf of a user within the last 15 seconds of that auction, thereby extending and resetting the timer another 15 seconds, just the same as a manually submitted bid would do.